Critical Linking: October 1st, 2014

Can You Guess The Famous Book From The First Line? Can you get an “A” in Book Nerdery?

I CRUSHED this quiz about the first lines from famous books. You?


According to Pobst, who worked on the Xbox version of 2002′s The Fellowship of the Ring adventure game, initially there were going to be pumpkin patches in the Shire and “the Tolkien Enterprises people went nuts about it,” to the point where production had to be shut down while the pumpkins were removed. The reason? Because Middle-Earth is meant to be inspired by an ancient version of Europe, and pumpkins are native to North America. 

Right, because it will be the presence of the wrong gourds that will break the verisimilitude of Middle Earth.


The project would create a Library Map application which would allow users to tap into the library landscape around them. This app would not only enable users to find the closest library but also reveal hidden and specialized libraries that they may not realize are open to them. 

Ooooooo, I want this app to exist.


Gotta say, the Inherent Vice trailer is looking goooooooood.


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