Critical Linking: September 27, 2014

The 16-24 generation is still firmly in favour of print books, new research shows, with 73% saying they prefer print over digital or audio formats.
Exclusive research conducted by Voxburner for The Bookseller showed that while nearly three-quarters of young people said they prefer the print form, only 27%  prefer e-books and 31% said they don’t buy e-books at all.

A study out of the UK says that teens and younger 20-somethings prefer print, which isn’t really surprising.


These days, Mr. Frey lives in New Canaan, Conn., with his wife and three young children. His past doesn’t bother him. “I think it’s OK to be a notorious writer and also coach my kid’s soccer game, and it is OK to write a book and not allow it to be defined by genre or by categorization, to write a book that’s not fiction or nonfiction,” he says.

If anything, the controversies have only reinforced his feeling of independence. “I don’t care about your rules,” he says, “and you can hate me for that and you can blast me for that and say mean things about me, but I don’t care, and I’m not going to change.”

James Frey is “still writing.”


It’s that week in Autumn that is welcomed into the open arms of readers everywhere, readers who cherish this celebration of freedom of speech — and freedom of the written word. We’ve talked about banned books-turned-movies before, but it’s been a while. So herewith, ten more great movie adaptations of banned books.

Why not round out banned books week with a solid adaptation or ten?


I don’t like traditional crime novels: A pair of cops searches for an evil murderer in a rainy city or on some sunny beaches. I prefer books where the writer makes their own journey to the heart of darkness, asking not “who is the killer?” but “what is in the killer’s soul and mind? What does it mean — to be a person like this?”

Maybe now is the time of year to get your scary reading on. Here’s a list of 13 of the most terrifying serial killers in fiction.

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