The Week’s Most Popular Posts: September 15 – 19, 2014

Grab some snacks and let’s take a look back at the week that was . . .

So often we, The Bookish, get down on movie adaptations of books. It’s a fair thing to do – plenty of them are terrible. It’s hard to recreate a book in a meaningful way in a two hour setting. However, here are five movie adaptations that either did the book (or short story) justice or surpassed it… friends, let’s admit that that’s possible.

from 5 Movie Adaptations That Got It Right by Wallace Yovetich


I started tracking my reading on accident: I signed up for a Goodreads account years ago, and it automatically keeps a tally of how many books you read each year. Their stats section can also tell you how many books your read from each of your created shelves, how many pages you read, and what years the books you read were published. That’s nice and all (and I still use Goodreads to catalogue the books I own), but none of those stats are useful to me. I need MEAT, so our Director of Content Rebecca introduced me to her reading spreadsheet.

Jenn invented it, and passed it to Rebecca. Rebecca passed it to me. And now I am passing it to you (with Jenn’s permission).

from How I Track My Reading: The Ultimate Reading Spreadsheet by Amanda Nelson


Which is to say, I started keeping a book journal last year, because I could not for the life of me remember what I had read! I was consuming so much so quickly, in that precious spare time that I didn’t know what I’d read against what I hadn’t.

Furthermore, I’d begun to grow curious: What kind of reader was I? Who did I read the most? What kind of books, what kind of writers did I reach for immediately, and what did that say about my reading habits?

from How I Track My Reading: The Book Journal by Martin Cahill


Whenever I open a book to read, I do it with a wish that when I reach the end, its story will have left me a different person. Here are four books that changed how I view the world.

from Four Books That Changed How I View The World by E.H. Kern


Unfortunately, I hadn’t been able to minor in history during college (sigh) but I luuurrrved reading about it. Why not design my own history course? I’d go through my library’s catalog and write a list of all the histories and biographies that piqued my interest (my tastes are pretty eclectic). Then, like all people obsessed with chronological order, I arranged them according to time period.

Below, I share with you a snapshot of the nonfiction audiobooks I’ve listened to, complete with listening-time (which is specific to my editions- the Amazon links may not refer to those same editions).

from A Western Civilization History Course in 40 Audiobooks by Rachel Cordasco


Across the Universe series by Beth Revis


from 7 Excellent YA Sci-Fi Romance Series by Kelly Jensen

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