Critical Linking: August 10, 2014

Celebrities such as Mindy Kaling and Jim Parsons have embraced a New York Public Library social media campaign by posting pictures of themselves with their noses buried in books.

Using the hashtag “IReadEverywhere,” stars of the “The Big Bang Theory” and “The Mindy Project”  posted pictures of themselves lounging on a couch (Ms. Kaling,) getting their hair done (Mayim Bialik,) sitting under some foliage (Melissa Rauch,) and in serious and silly poses (Mr. Parsons and Ike Barinholtz.)

Kind of a neat campaign. This may explain why your Twitter celeb feeds have featured more reading than usual in the last week or so.


It’s pretty much been settled that everyone should read more books by women. But when looking for recommendations, it’s often all Woolf, Morrison, Lessing, Austen, Brontë. Of course, these are essential authors for a reason, and you should definitely read all of their books. That said, there’s something to catching a writer at the beginning of her career and following her for years that is supremely satisfying — not to mention the fact that young female writers need readers rather more than Jane Austen does. So in an effort to get you in on the ground floor (or at least, like, the third floor), after the jump you’ll find a compendium of 50 novels written by 50 female novelists under 50 that are worth your time.

This is a pretty solid list of 50 novels by female novelists under 50 years old (though does it matter a whole lot the age of these women since a solid literary career can begin after 50, too?).


Google and Barnes & Noble are joining forces to tackle their mutual rival Amazon, zeroing in on a service that Amazon has long dominated: the fast, cheap delivery of books.

Starting on Thursday, book buyers in Manhattan, West Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area will be able to get same-day deliveries from local Barnes & Noble stores through Google Shopping Express, Google’s fledgling online shopping and delivery service.

Faster book delivery from Barnes & Noble in a few parts of the US and what it might mean for the company’s brick and mortar stores.

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