BAM, POW! Amazing Comic Book Wedding Ideas

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My very favorite wedding blog, Offbeat Bride, recently dedicated a whole week to superhero and comic book weddings.

And yes, it was as fantastic as you’re hoping it was.

Bride from Nightwing and Batgirl wedding, Comic Book weddings
I’m going to take you on a tour of some of the most fabulous moments. Hold onto your capes, comic book fans!

Amazing comic book wedding; Nightwing and Batgirl
This couple went with a specific pairing: Nightwing + Batgirl. They’re also the geniuses behind that bridal portrait at the top of the post.

Nightwing and Batgirl’s commitment to a theme while committing to each other is genuinely impressive. Rock on, you comic-loving lovers.

Comic book wedding with superhero cake, paper roses, and POW fascinator
This bride’s “POW!” hair accessory single-handedly inspired this post. It was just too amazing not to share.

Add to that the comic book page bouquet and superhero cake, and this comic book wedding is irresistible.

Batman best man toast comic book wedding
The explanation of this wedding’s superhero moment gave me serious feels:

“During his speech, the best man pulled out an old Halloween Batman cape of his, and asked Davey to put it on. He then proceeded to tell the crowd that “That is the way I have always seen my big brother.”

Comic book wedding with superhero flower girl and ring bearers
I love how this wedding integrated comic books into otherwise very traditional table centerpieces. And these tiny, costumed attendants totally set a new bar for all flower-flinging and ring-transporting moppets to aspire to.

Calvin and Hobbes wedding wedding, Comic Book wedding
This incredible Calvin and Hobbes wedding hits me right in the nostalgia. Especially the Calvin ring bearer, the stuffed Hobbes, and the perfectly composed photos.

Calvin and Hobbes wedding portrait, comic book wedding
I hope they included at least one perfect Calvin and Hobbes quote in the ceremony.

And finally:

Comic Book wedding Superhero bridesmaids
I’m pretty sure these ladies’ superpower is the ability to have a crazy good time. I bet this wedding had the dance floor of the century.

All of these gorgeous images are via the fab Offbeat Bride. Please see the descriptions under each photo for links to full coverage of each wedding.

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