Book Fetish: Volume 123

Shakespeare Socks: Celebrate Toe-meo and Juliet with these Bard socks sans iambic pentameter.

shakespeare socks


Bedtime Reading Pillow Cover: We all do it, no need to be ashamed. Own your inability to close the pages with a fancy bed decorator.

read bedtime pillow

Sweet Valley Ovum: Though not obviously bookish, custom ovum paintings have the potential to be quite literary. Like this ‘Gossip In Sweet Valley’ Ovum. Are you a Jessica or an Elizabeth?


East Egg/West Egg Necklace: An unusual interpretation of the friendship necklace, keep one of these Gatsby-inspired Egg necklaces and give the other to your bestie. Or your unrequited love.

great gatsby east west egg necklace


Minimalist Cinderella: Artist Christian Jackson creates minimalist designs based on classic children’s stories. Cinderella is one of my favs. Get it in a framed print. Or on a shower curtain. Or a cellphone case. Or a clock. (Ooh a clock on a clock – how meta.)


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