Critical Linking: August 6th, 2014


Suggesting any film can be improved by kinetic text flying across the screen, YouTube user The Unusual Suspect (a.k.a. Ross Thompson) has re-edited footage from the Harry Potter films into a single trailer in the vein of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.

As mash-up go, this one is top-notch. (It is going to be a kinda silly Critical Linking today. Just a warning)


It’s no secret that author Suzanne Collins drew some inspiration for character names from the greenhouse. Katniss, Primrose, and Hawthorne are all things you might find growing outside – though maybe not in District 12. Are you enough of a Hunger Games fan to separate fact from fiction? May the odds be ever in your favor.

I didn’t get much sleep last night, so maybe it’s just that, but I thought this quiz was pretty funny (and weirdly hard as a casual Hunger Games fan)


Director and writer Jennifer Lee has let Frozen go — and picked an ambitious new project. The Oscar winner will bring the 1962 novel A Wrinkle in Time to the silver screen, as Disney has picked Lee to write the film adaptation, Variety reported Tuesday.

This could be really good.


One man visited the Shakespeare in the Park ticket line and made fools of the so-called fans. What play is Game of Thrones based on? How about Weekend at Bernie’s 2? The line-waiters give these questions, and more, serious thought. Most ignorant of what they’re most assured!

Well… least they are going to see Shakespeare.


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