The Week’s Most Popular Posts: July 28 – August 1, 2014

Let’s take a look back at the week that was . . .

During the summer my family and I travel with a group of other, like-minded families (you know; kids the same age and a fairly laid-back attitude towards life in general).

Well, during summer vacation two years ago one of the people in this group (a grown-up) seemed a little bored and he asked if I had anything for him to read. I said that yes, I did (of course I did) and I handed him a book I had just finished. That was the last we saw of him for the next few days. So engrossed was he by this book that his wife nearly forbade me from loaning him a book, ever again. The following summer, same thing; I loan him a book I had just finished and all we saw of him for the next few days was the book’s cover in front of his face. I’m pretty sure that this year will be no different.

Here they are, three books so hard to put down that they may just ruin your summer vacation.

from 3 Books That Will Ruin Your Summer Vacation (In a Good Way) by Johann Thorsson


Jerry: So, let me get this straight. Your first two husbands died. You’re already married again. You’ve had three babies by three different men.

Woman: That’s right.

Jerry: But you have a secret.

Husband: What secret?

Woman: (shoots Jerry an evil look)

Jerry: Isn’t it true that you’re in love with your sister-in-law’s husband and have been trying to win him over for years?

Husband: WHAT. No, [bleep] you, we are so [bleep] over.

from If Literary Classics Were Episodes of Jerry Springer: A Quiz by Susie Rodarme


Book blurbs are completely meaningless (and in case you didn’t know that, SPOILER ALERT: the author more than likely shares an agent/editor/plays golf with the famous-name blurber). A few months ago, I realized how much I HATE jacket copy. Big plot points that don’t happen until 100+ pages in are spoilered in those magic three-to-four paragraphs. And sometimes, the jacket copy is a highly-glossed and finely-manicured flap of total shenanigans.

I decided to do a little experiment. For 90 days, I made my reading choices based solely on the book’s actual cover and title instead of the author’s name, what the jacket said the book was “about” (shenanigans, I tell you!), or the author’s photo.

from Judging Books By Their Covers: An Experiment by Emily Gatlin


When I talk to college students now, it’s hard not to push up my glasses and lecture them on the importance of doing the required reading while they still have the time and structure that college provides. But I try to remember that I came back to these books on my own and discovered that it’s never too late to read the books you were supposed to read in college.

from Reading The Books I Was Supposed To Read in College by Ashley Riordan


Very soon, all over the country, in suites at the Bellagio, party rooms at Hooter’s, and your mom’s basement, groups of nerds will gather for a sacred annual autumn ritual: the fantasy football draft.

But what if you could play fantasy “sports” with something less concussion-causing? Like, for instance, books!? Gather your friends, because now you you can! What follows is an outline for a fantasy authors game that promises to be both fun and infuriating — just like real fantasy football (oxymoron alert!). Of course, you can tweak this general outline however you want. Let’s get to it!

from How to Play Fantasy Football, Only With Authors by Greg Zimmerman