Critical Linking: July 30th, 2014


Leaf through our picks for the most mindblowingly beautiful picture books after the jump, and since we can only draw from our own personal knowledge and tastes, and we know there are scores upon scores of gorgeous children’s books out there (thank goodness), be sure to add any other favorites of yours.

Just some beautiful stuff here. (Old link, but it was new to me).


So, at $9.99, the total pie is bigger – how does Amazon propose to share that revenue pie? We believe 35% should go to the author, 35% to the publisher and 30% to Amazon. Is 30% reasonable? Yes. In fact, the 30% share of total revenue is what Hachette forced us to take in 2010 when they illegally colluded with their competitors to raise e-book prices. We had no problem with the 30% — we did have a big problem with the price increases.

Amazon is losing the public relations battle in its dispute with Hachette. Do you think the general public is going to be swayed by “we just want to make books cheaper?”


Three hundred thousand books are published in the United States every year. A few hundred, at most, could be called financial or creative successes. The majority of books by successful writers are failures. The majority of writers are failures. And then there are the would-be writers, those who have failed to be writers in the first place, a category which, if you believe what people tell you at parties, constitutes the bulk of the species.

I wonder if this rubric for success is all that important for most writers. What if a successful book is one the writer is glad to have written?


Welcome to the Flamingo Rampant Book Club! Over the course of a subscription year, we will send you six BRAND NEW books – one every other month, each written specifically for this book club. These books will celebrate the great and wide variety of LGBTQ2S kids, families, and communities. That means when our books feature lesbian mums or gay dads, they get storylines: travels, adventures and mysteries to solve, rather than entire books pointing out that we exist.

Very cool (and much needed) Kickstarter project.

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