Critical Linking: July 23rd, 2014


Seth Kaller’s copy of this iconic novel has some classic Twain humor — an inscription from Mark Twain to Samuel Clemens himself, with a signature from the one and only Clemens/Twain. Seth Kaller is one of the most distinguished sellers in the rare book industry and his copy of Huckleberry Finn is a second American edition with 174 illustrations by E.W. Kemble and a photogravure plate of a Clemens portrait bust by Karl Gerhardt. $25,000 for a true piece of American history.

This signed edition of Huck Finn would be my first choice in this list of 11 extremely rare and valuable books.


A questionnaire of over 5,300 people completed just three days ago on 19th July by the Codex Group, found that just over 39% of respondents said they were aware of the stand-off, according to Publishers Lunch. Within that segment, 19% said they were buying fewer books from the online retailer as a consequence of the fracas, although 4.4% said they had increased their spending with Amazon.

This dispute really has penetrated the public consciousness much more than I would have expected.


I am hearing rumours from comic publishing partners of ComiXology that the digital distributor is offering major publishers the opportunity to sell their comics on ComiXology without DRM. And while it is unlikely that the Disney owned Marvel and the Warners owned DC would agree to such a thing, Image Comics would seem like an instant yes and others are likely to follow. This would be a major step for such a distributor to move away from the standard entertainment norm where DRM is increasingly more and more important, to try and control how people enjoy their entertainment, where, when and how.

This would be welcome, indeed.


Now we want to celebrate how just a handful of powerful, poignant words from a book can shape our lives and imprint themselves forever in our minds and hearts, by (temporarily) printing those very words on our bodies.

We need your help to launch a collection of beautifully designed temporary literary tattoos. These iconic quotes come from the works of fifteen classic authors and books like The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Ulysses, and Les Misérables.

This did 3x times its funding goal on the first day. Not bad.

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