Book Fetish: Volume 120

Iron Throne Bookend: You need a hefty object to prop up the massive Game of Thrones novels. Choose one (because there is only ONE iron throne) that will truly demonstrate that your shelves are majestic as fuck.


Book Carvings: It’s hard to explain how gorgeous these pieces by artist Sarah Bean are, but these three dimensional creations (big or small) are well worth every penny.

Book carving art

book carving detail


Fight Evil Tee Shirt: Kick ass and take names. Rid the world of bad guys. Shake hands, kiss babies. Fight Evil, Read Books.

Fight evil read books shirt

Gemstone Bookplates: I’m not normally a fan of bookplates. But these vintage-y wonders are kind of perfect. Plus they’re DIY (PROJECT!).

gemstone bookplates

Vintage DIY Book Jewelry: Plenty of crafters have flooded the interwebs with bookish projects, but this is a really cool take and not totally obvious that you’ve destroyed a book to make it.

vintage book DIY necklace

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