Critical Linking: July 16th, 2014


Face facts, writing a runaway literary hit is incredibly hard, and doing it with aching volumes of cool (which is how we’d all want to do it, given the chance) is nigh on impossible. These 50 managed it. Talented swines…

Shameless clickbait and they got me.


I don’t feel much pride when, on the way to somebody’s house for dinner, I stuff several books into my handbag for…well, for what? Can I really not manage a brief subway ride without textual support? Is that normal? Are there other people who, when watching a documentary set in a prison, secretly think, as I have, Wish I had all that time to read?

Zadie Smith on being addicted to reading.


The country’s largest bookseller is also in talks with Simon & Schuster, said Leslie Moonves, CEO of the publisher’s parent CBS Corp. at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colo.

See now this is getting interesting.


I list ten projects below, which I think hint at a more accurate picture, but there are others, and I’d be delighted to hear from anyone else working across the business who wants to tell their innovations story on The best thing about the list below is how many of these idea don’t come from a top-down or big-bang approach, but from people within publishing innovating and iterating.

Yikes, this list of ten innovations publishing should be proud of is….underwhelming.

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