Critical Linking: July 10th, 2014


During an interview with Swiss daily newspaper Tages-Anzeiger, George R. R. Martin (65) expressed his anger about people who speculate about his health and death. «I find that question pretty offensive. So ‹fuck you!› to those people», said the bestselling author who still has to write two more books of his epic tale.

Tell us how you really feel, George.


Now, Entertainment One, along with showrunner Marti Noxon (Buffy), is working on a TV drama series based on her first novel, Sharp Objects, about a troubled reporter tasked with covering the murder of two young girls in her hometown.

Gillian Flynn is on fire.


HarperCollins has launched a redesigned website that features a direct sales component. The new website, announced Tuesday morning, allows the publisher to sell print books, e-books and physical audiobooks directly to consumers. While HC has sold e-books from its own site in the past, it has never directly sold print books.

Here we go, folks: the Big 5 are looking to sell direct. Dedicated ereading apps for each publisher, though, is a scorched wasteland of terrible.


The typical income for a professional author in 2013 was just £11,000, more than £5,000 below the income level considered to be a socially acceptable standard of living, according to research commissioned by The Authors’ Licensing & Collection Society (ALCS).

Worse still, this is a 40% drop from 2005. Yikes.

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