Critical Linking: July 5, 2014

In 1829-30, Charlotte Brontë was 13 and her brother Branwell Brontë 12. Creating fantasy worlds they called Angria and Glass Town, the siblings made teeny tiny books.

Measuring less than 1 inch by 2 inches, the books were made from scraps of paper and constructed by hand. Despite their diminutive size, the books contained big adventures, written in ink in careful script.

Twenty books, all by Charlotte and Branwell, remain. 

Teeny tiny books by Charlotte Bronte and her brother Brandwell exist. And not only do they exist, you can see them in the digital collection linked at the bottom of the story, too. Neat!


Cindy Hwang, Virgin’s editor, said that Penguin’s art department produced two cover concepts for Virgin; company executives responded positively to both, but considered that each cover would appeal to a distinctly different audience. The impasse prompted publisher Leslie Gelbman to take the unusual step of approving both covers at the outset.

Huh. While it’s kind of a neat concept to release a book with two different covers at the same time to hit different audiences, it seems like it could be a pretty slippery slope if this is a trend to catch on.


The loss will be felt. Swearing in Russian is a linguistically productive exercise; by applying prefixes, infixes, suffixes and different combinations of the four words, khuy, pizda, blyad and yebat can be used to express pretty much anything, and in a surprisingly eloquent manner.

The professed thinking behind the law is that such a ban will not only ennoble Russian culture but also position Russia as the antithesis of the decadent west. A ban on foreign words meanwhile can be seen as a form of linguistic protectionism, intended to safeguard Russian culture from external influences, thereby helping advance Putin’s second pillar of nationalism.

Pretty shitty move in Russia to ban swearing in books, movies, and other arts.



Here’s a look at some of America’s diverse and storied libraries.

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