Critical Linking: July 2nd, 2014


In the book, Clinton speaks critically of the Chinese government and its censorship practices. In turn, the publisher has not been able to find a Chinese publisher or distribution. Simon & Schuster president Jonathan Karp told Buzzfeed that this ban is “outrageous and unfortunate.”

I doubt it would be very useful for a book by someone who will quite possibly be the next President of the United States to be available in China.


An alternative is to change your home so that reading is the most appealing activity available when your child is looking for something to do. An easy way to start is to put books in places where your child gets bored. Put a basket of books in the minivan. Put a basket of books in the bathroom. Encourage older kids to put an ebook reader on their phones; any time they are stuck waiting in a line, they will have a book with them.

So basically, have books around.


Berkley, a Penguin imprint, is spicing things up a bit with one of its major summer releases. Virginby Radhika Sanghani will be released as a trade paper original on August 5 with two different covers and two different ISBNs.

Yes! A/B testing for books. I love this.


Corsair has signed two new novels from Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Jennifer Egan.

Two. Count ’em. No word on release dates, though.

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