Critical Linking for June 25th, 2014



Now that I have been working on the fringes of publishing for a few years, the basic realities of publishing that this lists depicts seems right on the money.


The researchers, led by Martin Lotze of the University of Greifswald in Germany, observed a broad network of regions in the brain working together as people produced their stories. But there were notable differences between the two groups of subjects. The inner workings of the professionally trained writers in the bunch, the scientists argue, showed some similarities to people who are skilled at other complex actions, like music or sports.

So doing something that’s hard and creative is like doing other things that are hard and creative. Thanks, science!


The program, which is nothing if not a way for the library to remain relevant in an age when people don’t care for books, is being helped along with a $500,000 grant that the Library just won. They’ll use the half a million bucks to fund a program that will lend out hotspots for patrons’ phones and computers for up to a year.

This trend of re-imagining libraries as places where resources are shared, not just books, is wonderful.


A rare first edition copy ofLeaves of Grass that belonged to reclusive copper heiress Huguette Clark was auctioned off at Christie’s last Wednesday, and sold for $305,000—more than twice the estimated price. That sets a record for the highest price for a book by Walt Whitman.

Whitman, one of the great literary self-promoters, would have been thrilled by this.

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