Book Fetish: Volume 117

I thought for this week’s Book Fetish, it could be fun to look at all things library date-due card inspired. So if you love your style old school, there’s something here for you.


date due iphone cover

Get your fix in this gorgeous iPhone cover. I’m a big fan of how the dates for this one aren’t even close to today’s.


date due tshirt

If you prefer to wear your due date card nostalgia, get yourself one of these t-shirts. With these, you can pick your own dates to fill in or leave it blank.


date due notebook

And when you’re in a bind and need a notebook you can carry around with you, is there one more perfect than this library due date one? I don’t think so.


onesie due date outfit

Of course, you can’t forget your little ones, either. Here’s a way to get even the youngest readers nostalgic for the days of library old. It’s a onesie and burp cloth set, styled in the library due date card look.


washer necklace


If you’d prefer to wear your due date card love as a necklace, you can do that, too. With the washer as the back piece, you even get a bit of a nice vintage look going.

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