LEGO Stories: Your New Favorite Tumblr

You may remember last year that I talked about awesome LEGO libraries and bookstores, after being inspired by this series of librarian LEGO mini-figs.

Today, how about some scenes from classic, contemporary, and YA literature as rendered in LEGO? All of these are from the awesomely fun tumblr titled LEGO Stories, and it expands beyond novels. The creators have included LEGO creations for films, television, famous people, and comics, among others. It’s an extremely simple idea, but it’s one that’s a whole lot of fun (and trying to guess what the mini-figs are acting out before seeing the caption or accompanying story makes it even more fun).

Here are some of the most fun bookish LEGO Stories they’ve done so far:

boy in the striped pajamas LEGOs


This one is a pretty straightforward depiction of John Boyne’s The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.


catching fire LEGOs


Here we have our Katniss, along with who I am guessing are Peeta and Gale, in Catching Fire.


dracula in LEGOs

Blood sucking vampires make an appearance for Dracula.


Harry Potter in LEGO


This is one of the many awesome Harry Potter inspired LEGO stories.


jonathan strange in LEGOs


Along with the LEGO creation, this one with Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell comes with a passage from the book itself, further setting the mood.


joyland in LEGOs


This scene out of Stephen King’s Joyland doesn’t look like a lot of fun.

Lord of the Rings LEGOs

Of course, there’s JRR Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings represented.


men at arms in LEGOs

You can enjoy a little Terry Pratchett, along with an excerpt from the story from the scene.


Pride and Prejudice in LEGO


Jane Austen fans, eat your heart out with a little Pride and Prejudice.


Raven LEGOs


LEGO Stories also features poetry, as seen in this depiction of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven.


Romeo and Juliet LEGOs


And here are our Shakespearean star-crossed lovers.


Sherlock LEGOs


Sherlock is on the case in this depiction of The Hound of the Baskervilles.


We Were Liars LEGO


Even really recent fiction, such as E Lockhart’s just-released We Were Liars, gets the LEGO treatment. Though these LEGOs look much happier than I imagine the Liars really were.


Avengers in the library LEGOs


If I were the librarian on duty when The Avengers showed up, I am not sure I’d describe it as “one fine morning in the library.” I don’t know that the librarian here agrees, either. I suspect those dudes could do a lot of damage.

Book Club in LEGOs


I had to end this series of awesome LEGO Stories pieces with the book club. I love that there are books pictured, but I love more that the books are bigger than both the pie and the people. Talk about your book club reading some heavy tomes.




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