Critical Linking: June 13th, 2014


So, if you’re like us, and agree that a good trip deserves a good book, then just for you, here are 10 of our editors’ favorite independently owned bookstores throughout the United States.

Road trip, anyone?


On the subject of the ongoing dispute between Amazon and Hachette — the publisher of his wife, musician Amanda Palmer — Gaiman is undecided. “I’m a weird mixture right now,” he said, noting the murky information available: “Every time I try to actually read enough stuff to figure out what’s going on here, what I run into is lots of ‘We can’t say anything, but he says,’ and ‘We can’t say anything, but she says.’”

Neil Gaiman, like the rest of us, is trying to figure out Amazon.


The Library of Congress is to announce on Thursday that the next poet laureate will be Charles Wright, the author of nearly two dozen collections of verse that fuse the legacy of European modernism with mystical evocations of the landscape of the American South.

I know only a little about Wright, but what I do know is quite beautiful.

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