Critical Linking: June 12th, 2014


Can You Guess The Book From The Quote?

I’d say if you get more than two-thirds of these questions right, you are doing pretty damn well.


Examine your most prominent role within the industry and do your own count. As a reader what percentage of the books your read were written by people from marginalized groups? What about the percentage of books you review as a book reviewer or blogger? What percentage of the books you assign as an English teacher, or the books you read to your kids as a parent are written by people from marginalized groups? 

That last question is one I need to work on especially.


Yet somehow, inexorably, plausibility has crept into our fantasy stories. We read truths about biological systems in fantasy novels that are absolutely ignored by science fiction writers. Of course there are SF authors who create realistic aliens, and many who write well-informed stories about near-term climate change. Those are the welcome exceptions. If you want good environmental science, fantasy is the genre these days that delivers.

Interesting that realism, of a kind at least, is a hallmark of contemporary fantasy writing.

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