Critical Linking for June 10th, 2014


When you read on a Kindle, you can highlight passages to view later. Turns out Amazon can see them too. Here are the most highlighted passages by Kindle readers in the US.

Long story short: if we didn’t know it already, this list shows that The Hunger Games is really, really popular.


Because of the divide between “normals” and “fans,” I have a hard time picturing this series as a successful TV show in the long run, much less something that survives pilot season. Grossman isn’t asking casual readers what they’d think of being able to go to Hogwarts, he’s asking that question of people who spend entirely too much time fantasizing about and inhabiting those worlds on a regular basis already.

Where is the line between fan culture and mainstream culture?


“Back to your article,” I said. “I think it annoyed me because you complained we live in an era of ‘read whatever you want,’ but the truth is that era has never existed, Ruth. Ever since the printing press democratized access to prose, the bourgeoisie has strived to vilify popular writing in order to elevate itself above commoners.”

I fainted from my cancer.

When I awoke, the moon was bright and I was turning into a werewolf. The transformation didn’t hurt as much as my period cramps, but I didn’t know what those were, because I was raised in a religious cult.

This response to another post bemoaning YA is like something Willy Wonka would do. Maybe Willy Wonka combined with a Dorothy Parker/Charles Bukowski hybrid.


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