Critical Linking: June 5th, 2014


Readers are off to a fast start in 2014 with some truly excellent titles from every aisle of the bookstore: history, young adult fiction, literary fiction, graphic novels, espionage, gastronomy — you name it.

I like mid-year check-ins like this. Who knows how many of the best books of the year right now will make the cut once 2014 comes to a close.


Walmart, not widely known as a bastion of the literary world, pounced on the opportunity, slashing prices on Hachette titles and announcing the sale with a banner on the homepage of its website, offering both pre-orders and free in-store pickup of Hachette books. It worked: As of Friday, Walmart sales of print books (not including e-books), were up 70 percent since Tuesday, according to the company.

That is quite an increase, though it’s a little unclear if that increase is just Hachette titles or all titles.


Do more searching and you’ll find this plate-legs-cake combo evoked in more covers. Sometimes it’s a wedding, sometimes it’s a broken dish (How Lucky You Are, 2012). Sometimes it’s a limb and some cake (The Icing on the Cupcake, 2010). Rachel Gibson’sSimply Irresistible might be the jackpot featuring (a defenestrated?) wedding cake, legs, and a groom cake topper being stomped on. They all seem to date back to Jennifer Weiner’s Good in Bed (2002), featuring a woman in bed with legs and a piece of cake.



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