Critical Linking for June 4th, 2016


I hesitate to call what follows “advice,” though it might seem as such. There are so many varied experiences during a single teaching day that I am much more comfortable thinking in epigrammatic terms. I have a lot more to say about teaching, and certain reflections will need to wait. But, for now, here are 55 thoughts about teaching English.

I was going to highlight a few, but just too darn many of these resonate with my own teaching experience.


 We can and do form real emotional connections with fictional characters; these are called parasocial interactions, and they create an illusion of intimacy between you and the people who live inside your TV. They’re one-sided relationships, sure, but research is beginning to show that this doesn’t make the emotions people derive from them any less real.

Doesn’t the fact that you feel emotions make them real, no matter what the source?


Some letters in the alphabet are workhorses, showing up everywhere and often, while others (looking at you, “Z”) are much rarer. But just where does each letter appear with the most frequency? This series of graphs, which plots out the frequency of appearance for each letter, shows us:

Now this here is some nerd catnip.

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