Critical Linking for May 26th, 2014


Did you Sparknote your way through English lit, or did you really do your reading? Did you merely do the assigned reading, or did you devour every classic novel you could get your hands on? Test your knowledge, oh bookish one…

You know you want to find out how well you score on this quiz. It’s OK. We all do.


A voracious reader, he maintains a queue of 25 volumes on his Kindle (George Gilder’s “Knowledge and Power” among them, he said) and routinely sends fan mail to his favorite authors.

Suddenly very interested in Jeb Bush’s TBR list.


As the founder and CEO of PriceLocal, Chodis said that the service works as a web extension, where consumers download the software and shop on the same as they normally would.

When people select items to purchase, a dropdown bar will appear and remind them that they can get the product through a local retailer at the Amazon price.

Huh. I wonder how they deal with the scale advantages Amazon has.


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