The Week’s Most Popular Posts: May 19 – 23, 2014

Let’s take a look back at the most popular posts from the last week, shall we?

Rioter Swapna struck a nerve last month when she wrote about the perils of feeling dumb while reading, and we decided to find out which titles really left you scratching your head. It’s a phenomenon every reader has experienced at some point–maybe you read something everyone else loves and you just don’t see the appeal; maybe you read something everyone else loves and they actively make you feel like you’re dumb for not loving it; and maybe you read something that’s supposed to rock your world and you just plain don’t get it.

from The Top 17 Books That Make You Feel Dumb by Rebecca Joines Schinsky


Rather than trying to come up with a definition of a great sentence, I thought it’d be more productive to just showcase some. So I asked my fellow Book Riot contributors for some of their favorite sentences. Lucky for me, they were more than up to the challenge.

from Book Riot’s Favorite Sentences by Minh Le


But let’s be real. This is nothing new. We all make choices about the content of our reading. Some of us make those choices because of triggers. And yet, Literature is doing just fine.

from What’s Missing From The Conversation About Trigger Warnings for Books by Rebecca Joines Schinsky


I say: let’s put an end to TBR shame.** Not just the shaming of people who own a lot of books they haven’t read yet, but the guilt from the people doing the owning. If having aTBR stresses you out or your physical TBR is so large that it’s reduced the functionality of your living space or you’re spending money you don’t have on an increasingly large pile of books you won’t read, by all means, re-evaluate your choices and ditch the pile. But if none of those things apply to you, don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about your reading life.

from In Defense of The TBR Pile by Amanda Nelson




Since we’ve been talking about getting more diversity into your reading, I thought it would be worthwhile to highlight a number of [Young Adult] books that are coming out through the end of the year that feature diversity. Each of these books contains a main character who is either non-white, non-straight, of a non-Christian background, or is disabled. As importantly, these are books where those elements aren’t the entire plot of the book.

from 30 Diverse Books To Get On Your Radar by Kelly Jensen

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