Critical Linking: May 16th, 2014


There are lots of beloved books getting the big-screen treatment in 2014 — like MockingjayThe Fault in Our StarsGone Girl, and Divergent, which was recently released. If you want to start a cinema-inspired reading list, check out this list of the movies coming out this year that are based on books.

It’s the story that never gets old: Hollywood turns to literature for most of its best stories.


An international film crew in recent weeks has been re-enacting this and other historic scenes in the streets of Havana for Papa, a biopic about the budding friendship between Hemingway and the reporter in the turbulent Cuba of the 1950s.

Hemingway in Cuba. Hemingway in Florida. Hemingway in Spain. Hemingway in Paris. Hemingway in Kansas City. Let’s just make movies for every place Hemingway ever went.


“Why does fiction need to be gendered? … How good does a woman writer have to be before she is referred to as a writer?”

It doesn’t, of course. Though I wonder if maybe the appellation “woman writer” couldn’t be appropriated as a term of strength.


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