Critical Linking: May 15th, 2014


We’ve picked 50 of the coolest for you to enjoy: some are iconic; some are clever; some are beautiful; some are scary and many have transcended their original home to become as famous as the book itself.

These are great book cover picks. Jaws and A Clockwork Orange stand out to me. How about you?


Although you’d never know it from the media attention devoted to tablet computers like the iPad and dedicated e-reader devices like the Kindle, a third of all cellphone owners choose to read e-books on their phones — which is a lot of people, given that over 90 percent of American adults have cellphones.

This is a number, I think, that is likely to go up over time as well. (One reason I am hoping for the next iPhone to have a bigger screen.)


The Song Of Ice And Fire author, and creator behind HBO’s “Game of Thrones”, writes everything for the series on a DOS machine using WordStar 4.0 as a word processor. That’s not to say he never uses the Internet. He has a separate machine for email, surfing the web, and “taxes.”

Just think how long it would be between books if he did write on a computer with wifi.


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