Book Fetish: Volume 112

William Carlos Williams Tea Towel: What better poem to put on a kitchen accessory than WCW’s famous “This is just to say…” verse?

William Carlos Williams tea towel

“How To” Temporary Tattoo: Just in case you happen to run into someone who is unaware of what to do with that weird rectangular thing you’re carrying, wear some instructions for easy reference. Don’t worry, this ink is temporary.

book temporary tattoo

Book-Shaped Plates: If you can’t keep your kids (or yourself) from reading at the dinner table, maybe distract them with these awesome dinnerware sets.

book plates


Book Pillows: Cozy up with your favorite book with one of these classic pillows. (Shout out to Riot Twitter follower, @Pinkbookdragon for pointing out this Fetish-worthy item). 

book pillows


J.M. Barrie Print: Perfect for the grads in your life, this fantastic Peter Pan print reminds us all to believe.

Peter Pan quote print


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quarterly teaser

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