Critical Linking: May 13th, 2014


But what words should every good bibliophile and bookworm know? Here are some of my favorites.

You’re going to like these.


Whisper it quietly, rather than shout it from the rooftops, but Dracula’s Castle, in Transylvania, is on the market.

Rumor is that it would take more than $80 million to get it. Geez, you’d have to live forever to make that kind of money.


A Belgium-born Massachusetts woman who admitted to fabricating a best-selling memoir about her experiences during World War II and the Holocaust has been ordered to pay back $22.5 million to her publisher.

People started to question her “raised by wolves” story. Her publisher had apparently just fallen off the turnip truck when signing the book.


Fox Searchlight Sets ‘Wild’ Starring Reese Witherspoon For Oscar-Friendly December 5th Release

That release date suggests that the producers have serious award-seasons aspirations for this movie.


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