Book Fetish: Volume 111

Get ready to get your bookish love fest on with these awesome clothes and accessories.

Thoreau Onesie

Prove that your baby is indeed the most well-read on the block with this Henry David Thoreau screen printed onesie. Before you know it, your child will know Walden front and back.


book geek buttons

Declare your pride with this collection of book lover pins. There are 24 pins in the set, so feel free to wear a new one each a day for 24 days or be a proud swag donning book nerd.


Charlotte's Web Shower Curtain


Just your average, every day Charlotte’s Web shower curtain. You could get a nice To Kill a Mockingbird shower curtain, too, if you prefer that.


The Little Prince Throw Pillow


I can think of no better way to end my day than curling up with a book alongside this styling throw pillow featuring The Little Prince


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