Critical Linking: April 19, 2014

The capability is part of a new feature called “Add Your Amazon Books.”  Using the tool, Goodreads members in the U.S., Canada and Australia will soon be able to add books that they’ve bought on Amazon, including print and Kindle, to their Goodreads shelves.

Bet lots of people will find that handy.


García Márquez said that he always identified more as a reporter than a novelist. But amid all the remembrances, the assessments of his magical realism and his politics, his newspaper journalism is the one corner of his canon that has remained mostly untouched. He spent decades in journalism. 

Interesting background on his career in journalism.


 Charles Dickens wrote while blindfolded. Virginia Woolf took three baths a day, and always with ice-cold water. Stephen King eats a blood orange at every meal whenever he is working on a book. Joyce Carol Oates writes only in Comic Sans.

None of those things is true. 

Why ARE we so fascinated with the habits of writers?


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