Need Gift-Book Recommendations for Moms, Dads, Grads, or Summer?

Tis the season of scrambling around for a great, thoughtful gift that’s not a scarf/spa day/bad perfume or a necktie or a boring old gift card. When you want to give something that says, “I care about you enough to pick out something personal,” what could be better than a book? But it’s not always that easy!

Have no fear, readers! We are here to assist. In fact, we’ll be devoting a whole upcoming episode of the Book Riot Podcast to custom recommendations just for you. (Our holiday gift-guide show was so much fun that we just had to have an excuse to do it again.) If you’re stumped on a book-gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a graduation, or even a gift for yourself for summer, leave a comment here telling us what you’re looking for. We’ll answer as many requests as we can on-air, and your fellow Riot readers will chime in too.

So, what can we help you find?

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