Who Said It: Richard Brautigan or Rust Cohle?



This one is pretty self-explanatory, kittens: Guess if the quote was said by literature’s handle-barred, troubled troubadour or True Detective‘s handle-barred, troubled homicide detective.

1. Sometimes life is merely a matter of coffee and whatever intimacy a cup of coffee affords.

2. I don’t sleep, I just dream.

3. Nothing’s ever fulfilled, not until the very end.

4. All of us have a place in history.

5. This place is like somebody’s memory of a town, and the memory is fading.

6. One day time will die and love will bury it.

7. I thought about it for awhile, hiding it from the rest of my mind.

8. They are pieces of distant life that have no form or meaning.

9. If the common good’s gotta make up fairy tales then it’s not good for anybody.

10. Finding is losing something else.

11. I’m in a constant process of thinking about things.

12. What happened in my head is not something that gets better.

13. Life’s barely long enough to get good at one thing. So be careful what you get good at.

14. World needs bad men.

15. What makes you older is when your bones, muscles and blood wear out, when the heart sinks into oblivion and all the houses you ever lived in are gone and people are not really certain that your civilization ever existed.

16. If you get hung up on everybody else’s hang-ups, then the whole world’s going to be nothing more than one huge gallows.

17. It’s strange how the simple things in life go on while we become more difficult.

18. The truth wills out, and everybody sees.

19. People incapable of guilt usually do have a good time.

20. I think human consciousness is a tragic misstep in evolution.

21. Our names were made for us in another century.

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