Critical Linking for April 9th, 2014


This weekend marks the 40th anniversary of Carrie, Stephen King’s first novel, published on April 5, 1974. Gilbert Cruz spoke to actor, comedian, and King fan Patton Oswalt for this as-told-to piece.

Patton Oswalt is on the Mt. Rushmore of celebrity geeks, right?


Top 10 Words to Win at Scrabble

The #1 word on this list is “qi” and is apparently the single most played word in Scrabble games.


Publisher Jeremy Trevathan acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Barbara Follett at the Follett Office, with the novels being published over nine years from 2017. The first of the three books will be a sequel to 1989-published The Pillars of the Earth, set in the world of Tudor espionage in Kingsbridge. The second and third books will be “sweeping historical epics”.

The working title for this probably isn’t “Let’s Build Another Cathedral!” but it should be.


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