The Week’s Most Popular Posts: March 31- April 3, 2014

One of my favorite quotes by James Joyce is, “The sacred pint alone can unbind the tongue.” For me at least, reading books and casually drinking have always gone well together. After all, what’s better than sitting down with a cold beer or glass of wine (or occasionally a liberal tumbler of bourbon) and reading a great book?

-from 5 Brilliant Bookstore-Bars by Aram Mrjoian


Then there’s Thug Notes, a channel that summarizes and analyzes classic books in the language of the gangsters. For those that don’t speak gangsta, it gives a whole new perspective on literature. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights referred to as an emo landlord before. It’s the shizzle nizzle, yo. (You’re right, I have no idea what that means, but it sounds hardcore.)


-from A Beginner’s Guide to Booktube by Kate Scott


Tsujihara reveals three things we didn’t know before:

1. Rowling is writing the series as a trilogy.

2. The series will begin in New York.

3. The series will take place seven decades before the events of the Harry Potter series.

There was also one other phrase in the profile that, while not exactly firm information, does say something about the series: the films are described as “megamovies.”

-from New Details About JK Rowling’s New Wizarding World Trilogy by Jeff O’Neal


Born from a true, unsolved mystery, Emma Donoghue’s Frog Music sweeps you into San Francisco’s heady burlesque boom-town in 1876. During a summer of spectacular heat combined with a rampant smallpox epidemic, Jenny Bonnet, a sometime cross-dressing burlesque-dancing frog-catcher, is shot in cold blood through the window of a saloon. Friend Blanche Beunon vows to discover the identity of Jenny’s killer and get justice.

-from Five Books to Watch for in April by Alison Peters

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