Critical Linking: April 4th, 2014


26 Types Of English Majors: you probably morphed from one to another at various stages of your college career. Bonus points if you were several at once!

As BuzzFeed lists go, this one is pretty good.


A few days ago, I wrote about how much I hate April Fool’s Day, but NPR played a prank I can totally get behind. They posted the above headline to their Facebook page, a story about “Why Doesn’t America Read Anymore?”

I’m pretty over April Fool’s Day, but this was an excellent gag from NPR, as it satirized behavior, rather than penalizing people for trust.


Reaching back to 1984, education spending has nearly doubled as a share of the richest quintile’s budget. Health care spending and housing has also grown. By contrast, the portion of spending dedicated to things like reading, smoking, and clothes has declined rather significantly. 

Spending on reading (books, newspapers, magazines) saw the biggest percentage decline of any category. Internet, man.


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