Critical Linking for April 1st, 2014


How Many Of The Greatest Books By Women Have You Read? See where you land among 102 of the best female-penned books.

So, what’s your score? Find out here.


Percentage change since 2012 in the number of books U.S. schools considered banning : +53

Why are schools considering banning more books these days? I have no idea, but this is a significant increase.


Until a digital book is a magical object which physically transforms from 50 Shades into the new James Smythe novel according to your whim; until you can walk through a digital library and open books at random; until the technology becomes as satisfying to the physical senses as the text is to the cognitive self, there’s still a need for shiny, gorgeous, satisfying books. And when those things happen, if they do, we will have lost nothing in the transition.

Well said.


Klay is especially opposed to two narratives that show up frequently in war fiction: one is the creation of mysticism, that “war is where you become a man… where you become a hero”; the other is that war turns all soldiers into a “some passive, traumatized shell of a man.”

Man, Redeployment sounds fantastic.


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