Critical Linking: March 25th, 2014


Medina wants to help bicultural Hispanic teens keep and grow their identity by reflecting their lives in literature. She hopes to expose non-Latinos to her books as well, using universal themes to show that our life experiences aren’t so different, no matter our culture.

Medina was just named one of CNN’s 10 Visionary Women. Kick. Ass.


In 1839, Samuel George Morton published a richly-illustrated book called Crania Americana. It influenced everyone from Darwin to the Abolitionists. And it was about how the skulls of different races made some superior and some inferior. This short film details its sordid and bizarre history.

This has to be one of the most dangerous books ever printed.


Among the largest publishers, Barnes & Noble seems to still be solidly No. 2 behind Amazon, but both Apple and Amazon are gaining market share and B&N is losing it.

This jives with what I have been seeing anecdotally among ebook buyers.


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