Critical Linking: March 17th, 2014


According to poet and dictionary writer, Dr. Robert Beard, these are the 100 most beautiful words in the English language

I will say that this is a most becoming assemblage.


When then-CCBC Director Ginny Moore Kruse served as a member of the Coretta Scott King Award Committee that year, we were appalled to learn that, of the approximately 2,500 trade books that were published that year for children and teens, only 18 were created by African Americans, and thus eligible for the Coretta Scott King Award. Using the CCBC’s collection and working in conjunction with the Coretta Scott King Award Task Force of the American Library Association, we have continued to document the number of books each year and to publish this statistic in our annual publication CCBC Choices.

These statistics are mind-blowing. I mean you know things like “there aren’t many kids books about black people” but to see the actual stats are incredible.


To those outside the publishing industry, numbers like these suggest that book auctions are as rare as a solar eclipse. In fact, they’re more like beautiful sunrises — always nice to see, but occurring with remarkable regularity. For a book to go to auction, all that’s required is for two or more publishers to want to purchase it.

This is where the big dollar advances for books happen, and not always for understandable reasons.


Join us for an evening of drinks and reading at the kick-off event for Silent Reading Party NYC. The amazing harpist Brandee Younger will be providing ambient music. Come read your book on someone else’s couch!

You had me until “harpist.”


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