The Book Riot Podcast, Episode #44: Metaphorically Bite-Sized


The Book Riot Podcast, Episode #44: Metaphorically Bite-Sized

This week, Jeff and Rebecca dive into a whole bunch of reading statistics and surveys, a woman’s $6 million gift to a library, a new daily-reading subscription service, gendered kids books, and more. This week’s show is sponsored by Warby Parker and Swoonreads.


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Links discussed in the show:

#LetBooksBeBooks campaign to fight gender stereotypes in kid lit

Publisher says he won’t change gendered children’s books because they sell

Can reading lit fic make you less racist? 

Pew research on Americans’ engagement with public libraries

Half of books in UK homes are unread

Affluent UK citizens read more and FEEL BETTER about their reading than less affluent citizens 

Rooster app sends 2 books per month to your phone in daily bites

Hero of the Week: Avid reader leaves $6 million to NYPL in her will

New books discussed in the show:

Shotgun Lovesongs by Nickolas Butler

Books and Islands in Ojibwe County by Louise Erdrich (reprint)

Paperback: The Bonobo and the Atheist by Frans de Waal


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