Critical Linking: March 8, 2014

Author Anne Rice and others have signed a petition created by a user named Todd Barselow which urges Amazon to require identity verification for commenters. The petition focuses particularly on book reviews.

Errr, well, a lot of people depend on anonymity to protect *themselves* from bullying.


Campbell posted a video on his Kickstarter page called, “It’s Over” which documents the burning of 127 copies of his book. “For every message I receive about this book, I will burn another book,” explains the video. Campbell apparently received 127 inquiries from backers looking for their copies of the book.

I guess an email notification wasn’t a good option?


Second, the books we share come in to you small installments that can be read in the small breaks you get throughout your day — whether on a commute or waiting on line at the supermarket. A 500-page novel may seem daunting to dig into when tackled head-on, but when broken into 15-minute segments, it seems a lot easier.

Third, we push the installments to you at a schedule which is convenient to you: whether it’s every day before work or on weekend evenings.

Seems like this would be a thing people who feel like they “should” be reading more would be into?


Yesterday when the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books unveiled its list of authors scheduled to appear at this year’s event April 12-13, independent booksellers in the area were shocked to see “buy” buttons next to the author names that click through to Amazon. Although the e-tailer is not listed as a LATFOB sponsor or exhibitor, the Festival has quietly become an Amazon affiliate, earning a commission on book sales by the e-tailer originating from its website.

What people never discuss in these conflicts is that (if money does talk) lots of *readers* are pretty down with Amazon, even if booksellers aren’t.


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