Critical Linking: March 3rd, 2014


According to Scribd, an expansive e-book library, the literary selections ­above are the most widely read in those five locales. Wondering about your state? See the full list below.

This list of the most-read books in each state is limited of course by the available titles on Scribd, but still makes for darn interesting reading.


The image below is a scan of a recto leaf printed by Arnold Ther Hoernen, Cologne, 1470 (Cologne’s second printer after Ulrich Zel). The book, Sermo in festo praesentationis beatissimae Mariae virginis (ISTC: ir00303000) is special in that it is the first (extant) book to include printed foliation (‘page numbers’*).

It only took 1200 years after the invention of the codex (sheets of paper attached at the back) for someone to come up with page numbers? No wonder they called it the dark ages.


 I wonder if I had called “Portnoy’s Complaint” “The Orgasm Under Rapacious Capitalism,” if I would thereby have earned the favor of the Swedish Academy.

Philip Roth has stopped writing, but he hasn’t stopped being feisty.



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