Critical Linking: February 22nd, 2014


Mensa Brain Test provides genuine Mensa questions of the variety used in official Mensa tests. Those who perform well on this challenging App should feel confident to attempt the Mensa Admission Test.

Mensa is sort of silly, but a good, challenging quiz is a good Saturday morning diversion.


The American Booksellers Association announced this week in Bookselling This Week that it added 44 new bookstore members last year, including six branches of existing stores. California gained the most new stores, 10; followed by Michigan and New York, which each had four.

No mention of how many members were lost, but at least there are some new independent bookstores opening.


There are 28 (sometimes 29) days every year dedicated to the once ubiquitous, now ancient device: February is International Typewriter Appreciation Month.

A fun, brief history of the typewriter for International Typewriter Appreciation Month.


“We can tell you that the book has seen a spike in sales after this past weekend’s episode of True Detective,” Amazon spokesperson Sarah Gelman told us in an email. That was also directly after io9 ran an article by author Michael M. Hughes, analyzing allusions to the book in the show.

This is a snapshot of how the internet can do wild things for books.



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