Critical Linking: February 20th, 2014


With a grant from Action for Healthy Kids, librarians Laura Potocki and Carrie Kausch set up an area in the library focused on health and fitness. Students can grab a book and read while burning calories. Those who participate in the Read & Ride program log their miles and their page counts in friendly competition.

Good thinking from a couple of crafty librarians.


To Kill a Mockingbirdauthor Harper Lee has settled the federal lawsuit she filed against a museum in her south Alabama hometown over its sale of souvenirs featuring her name and the title of her book, court documents show.

No idea what the terms were, but at least this little ugly battle is over.


And their waiting period of anything up to two years from writing to publication is ludicrous for nonfiction books in modern times, as many will be out of date by the time the “busy” publisher gets around to publishing them.

Yea, the time-lag of publishing is especially bad for non-fiction. A under-discussed problem of traditional publishing.


A little over five months later, Patterson has made good on his promise and mailed out the first installment of the funding this week, totaling more than $267,000, to 54 bookstores across the country plus the Northern California Independent Booksellers Association in support of California Bookstore Day. The grants range from $2,000 to $15,000. In most instances, bookstores got what they requested; a few got even more.

Straight-up giving money to independent bookstores. James Patterson does not screw around.

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