Critical Linking: February 4th, 2014


The 5 Most Influential Authors Of Our Time

Not sure if social media following is the definitive measure of influence, but it must mean something.


BeeLine Reader is a new technology that helpspeople read faster on computers, tablets, andsmartphones. BeeLine applies an eye-guiding colorgradient to text that helps reduce “line transitionerrors” (accidentally skipping a line or re-readingthe same line twice). The color gradient generatedby BeeLine Reader helps guide the reader’s eyesfrom the end of one line to the beginning of thenext, which significantly reduces the chance ofaccidentally skipping or repeating lines.

Call me crazy, but it feels like this works.


Will readers be willing to subject themselves to ads just to read free ebooks?

Readfy set out to answer that question today. This “Spotify for ebooks” opened to the public today, launching a beta test for their ebook subscription service.

Though this is only available in Germany right now, I would expect it to be available in more countries soon. This article expresses skepticism about readers’ willingness to trade ads for free books, which mean that the author of the article hasn’t seen what readers will do for free books.


Pulitzer Prize Winners and Finalists Set in Each State.

Weird that there hasn’t even been a finalist set in California.


My best sales successes have not come from bookstores or guest blog posts, not through Facebook ads or even nationally broadcast radio programs. My best sales have been in the local stores of my hometown.

The pharmacy where I had my first job—a tiny shop in a tiny strip mall in a county with one stoplight—has sold more than 15 copies of my book, and the owner just texted me to ask for more. The restaurant that specializes in home-cooking and whose owners sang with my mom—they sell out on a weekly basis. The hair salon asked for a dozen copies to start their sales, which is more than I’ve sold on Amazon all month.

This, it seems to me, is a way to compete in a big world of books with big retailers. Do what they can’t and won’t do because it doesn’t scale.


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