Cool Bookish Places: The Borg Library

J/k, j/k, it’s not REALLY a Borg library, that would have much less natural lighting. This is the super rad Vasconcelos Library in Mexico City! The bookshelves are suspended from the ceiling(!), with frosted glass and concrete catwalks connecting them.

vasconcelos library

It’s over 400,000 square feet of glass and metal, can hold up to 5,000 people per day, and has over 580,000 books. It’s the bad-assiest of big city libraries. The exterior grounds of the library consists of 26,000 square meters of green space designed to improve the ecological standing of the otherwise barren city landscape in which the library sits.

bellena vasconcelos library

Also, it has a giant whale skeleton sculpture in the lobby (Ballena by Gabriel Orozco), so that’s a nice plus.


The stacks are a little dizzy-making.


Reading areas line the exterior edges of the Borg cube, er, library.


Resistance to KNOWLEDGE is futile.

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