Critical Linking: January 28th, 2014


Imagine the perfect day in the real-life movie set for Middle-earth. Amid sublime forests and fiords, glacial mountains and glittering bays, you’ll find New Zealand offers enchantments that are the stuff of legend – without any of the evil dragons to slay or epic battles to undertake. This tangible wonderland offers one of the most varied and spectacular series of landscapes in the world. Best yet, the close proximity of destinations and the variety of experiences make it easy to design the perfect day, day after day.

Very, very cool interactive map with commentary by folks involved in the films.


With the 2.0 iteration of the club, Oprah is able to contribute her personal comments about the books, which she does on her own iPad through the special digital edition. It’s not an insignificant observation that the first three picks of 2.0 were written by women. “For this book, one of the points she makes is how imprisoned women were in their roles, whether slave or free and how much hard work and sacrifice went into changing their situations,” says Haber. “She highlights her favorite passages throughout the book, which is awesome for book clubs.”

Celebrity marginalia, welcome to the world.


  • 51% of the top 2,000 films of the last 20 years were adaptations

I knew there were a lot, but that seems high.


Children ages 2-10 are reading an average of 40 minutes per day, spending 29 minutes reading print, 8 minutes reading on computers, and 5 minutes reading on digital platforms.

Seems….pretty good, no?



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