Critical Linking: January 23rd, 2013


“Human Library” is a mobile library project started by a group of Danish youth activists back in 2000—the idea is to get together a diverse group of people and “loan” them out, in order to promote dialogue and understanding.



Getty Publications has introduced a virtual library that will provide free online access to more than 250 backlist titles, available online or as PDF downloads. The library includes titles published by the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Getty Conservation Institute, and the Getty Research Institute, with new titles added on an ongoing basis.



This is your deal with Mephisto — you’re going to get Spider-Man comics for your entire life, but the price is that some of them will be terrible, and some will dramatically change the status quo. The best you can do is not read the comics you don’t like, and try out new writers whenever they get assigned to the comic. Collect what you like, don’t read what you don’t. Don’t stress about one single continuity because that way lies madness.

I think this is indeed my least favorite thing about serial comics and the main reason I prefer graphic novels or limited run trades these days.


At American journal the Critical Flame, editor Daniel Pritchard has just announced a year dedicated to women writers and writers of colour, citing the Vida figures as part of the reason for the move and saying that “nothing will change if people do not act morally within their sphere of control”.

Very interesting. I wonder how many will join in.



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