Critical Linking: January 13th, 2014


I walked in the house, not expecting my sister to seize me and start exclaiming that Mr. Bingley had returned to Netherfield at last.

If this surprise Pride and Prejudice engagement doesn’t warm your heart…well…thanks for reading Book Riot, Emperor Palpatine.


Trade publishing (general-interest fiction and non-fiction for adults, children and young adults and religion) experienced significant growth since 2011.

Publishing has actually grown over the last few years, which runs counter to what we generally hear about it.


To the horror of readers everywhere, computer scientists have developed an algorithm they say can predict the commercial viability of a book, with an 84 percent success rate, based solely on the style in which the book is written.

What if Dan Brown’s pen name was Al Gorhythm.


Maybe I have the wrong sort of friends, but I’ve never noticed that the people who read lots of novels are better or wiser or more discerning or compassionate than anyone else I know.




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