Critical Linking: December 23rd, 2013


The first crossword was a diamond-shaped grid matched to synonym-style clues. The word “FUN” was spelled out in the top three boxes, and Wynne instructed readers to jot answers to the clues in the blank squares using capital letters. He was surprised by the bags of fan mail that the new “cross word” generated.

The clue system is a bit undercooked, but it’s basically unchanged.


In 1946, the year of [The Portable William Faulkner‘s] publication, Faulkner’s books were totally out of print; by 1949 he had been recognized as America’s greatest living novelist and was justly awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

That is unbelievable.


Co-existence is more likely than conquest.

Reassuring chart for print lovers.


The point is truth and beauty, without which our lives will lack grace and meaning and our civilization will be spiritually hollowed out and the historical bottom line will be that future epochs will remember us as a coarse and philistine people who squandered our bottomlessly rich cultural inheritance for short-term and meaningless financial advantage.

And that is why you should major in English.

That and the smugness.

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